The Acropolis is a replica of the Greek temple pillars and stone statues. We invite you to the fantastic Fortune Island.

Fortune Island - Island Hopping Tour - Private Tour (incl. banana boat)
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1 pax 74,000 원




  • 6 am to 7 am: Designated tour times - Hotel pick-up 
  • 9:00 am: Arrive at Mtapongkai and depart for Fortune Island (exclusive luxury bancas)
  • 10 am: Arrive to Fortune Island (snorkeling)
  • 12:00 pm: Lunch (boat boarding)
  • 1:00 PM Fortune Island Island Tour and Free Time
  • 2 PM - 3 PM: Return to Mata Vukai
  • 3:00 pm: Banana boat ride
  • 4 pm: Return to Manila
  • 6pm to 7pm: Return to Manila Hotel

(Additional Information):


  • Children also charge the same price as adults.
  • Please make a reservation according to the number of passengers and pay the entrance fee.
  • Snorkeling equipment is available for rent, however you can bring your own equipment.
  • Experience Diving: 65,000 won / Fun Diving: 1 time - 65,000 won, 2 times - 100,000 won, 3 times - 130,000 won  (additional option available )


How to use the tour
  • Print out the voucher you received via email or save it on your mobile phone and present it to your Tour guide / Driver.
  • The voucher is only valid on the date and time of your reservation.
  • Be sure to wait 10 minutes in the hotel / resort lobby.
  • Materials: sunscreen, sun cap, change clothes


  • Pick-up service (van, boat)
  • driver
  • Tour guide (hopping tour)
  • Seafood, BBQ lunch
  • Banana boat experience
  • Towels and showers



Not included
  • Driver Tip - 500 pesos (per team)
  • Boat Manner Team - 100 pesos (per person)
  • Travel insurance  (you can sign up individually or contact us on tour five)



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