Manila City Tour - Private
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1 pax 30,000 원


      - Half day course to Manila.
      - Pick up and drop off in front of your hotel with the latest car.
      - Visit the mandatory courses of Manila (Intramuros, Cathedral, Santiago Fortress, St. Augustine Cathedral, Casa Manila).
      - This course will show you the past and present of Manila.

    Booking confirmed:

      - When the payment is completed, the reservation for the tour is completed.
        You can receive your voucher by email within 12 hours.

      - If you have not received your voucher by e-mail within 24 hours,
        please contact us at our Customer Center at 1661-2372 or your friend "Tour Five" of KakaoTalk Plus.


      - 9:00 am: Pick-up from designated tour times and places
      - 10:00 am: Visit Rizal Park (20 minutes)
      - 10:40 am: Visit Intramuros & Fort Santiago (Fort Santiago) (60 minutes)
      - 11:40 am: Manila Cathedral (20 minutes)
      - 12:00 pm: St. Augustine Cathedral (20 minutes)
      - 12:30 pm: Visit to Casa Manila (30 minutes)
      - 1:00 pm: Visit to Asia's largest shopping mall "Mall of Asia" (2 hours) / Lunch time (Lunch is not included)
      - 3:00 pm: "Fort Bonifacio" emerging as an emerging village - High Street visit (1 hour)
      - 5:00 pm: We will pick you up at your hotel.
    After that, you can visit your favorite places or visit other places. However, you pay for the fuel cost, the food service,     
      the parking fee, etc. at the actual cost.

    Travel tips:

     - It is a solo tour and you can leave at any time.
     - You can stay longer if you want to stay in a certain place.
     - A local driver will take all tours.
     - If you do not accompany the guide, you can pay for it when you request the guide. (Local guide 50,000 won per day)


     - It will be 7 ~ 8 hours course.



     - The latest vehicles, articles, fuel, parking,
     - Includes admission to Saint Joseph, Casa Manila, St. Augustine Cathedral
     - Friendly local driver


    Not included:
     - Lunch and snacks
     - guide
     - Article tip (500 pes per team)
     - Manor tips
     - insurance


     - suncream
     - camera
     - Personal snacks and drinks


    Special Tips!

     - There is a restaurant in the Intramus area for over 100 years. The barbecue menu is very good. It is good to eat while you are having lunch.
     -It's a good idea to buy souvenirs at the Mall of Asia. You can buy cheaper and more traditional Philippine souvenirs at Credo store located at SM Baekho Store.
     - After the tour is over, we will take an amazing show and a sunset dinner cruises.

    Other instructions:

     - There is no Korean guide, and a local guide will help you with the tour.



Tour description

Manila City Tour to Meet Past, Present and Future of Manila

The City Tour in Tour Five is a tour of the past, present and future of Manila, Philippines. Visit the historical site in the old town of Manila, Intramuros, and visit the current Mall of Asia, the largest shopping mall in Asia. Following this, we will finish the Manila City Tour by visiting the new city of Fort Bonifacio, the future of Manila.


The old town of Manila (Intramuros)

Mall of Asia Manila

Manila High Street (Port Bonifacio)



- 투어 참가시 귀중품 및 현금 등의 분실사고와 개인의 안전사고에 대해 각별히 유의해 주세요. (예약 전 안전수칙 동의서 필독 후 동의)
- 개인 부주의로 발생된 사고는 책임지지 않습니다.
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