[Boracay Massage] Abrams Spa - Shell Germanium Massage 2Hour
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[Boracay Massage] Abrams Spa
Germanium Shell Massage 2 hours


Shell Germanium Massage - 2 hours
Boracay's oldest massage shop!
Abram Spa has a long tradition!

Reservation time 1p.m / 3p.m / 5p.m / 7p.m / 9p.m


The effect of shell massage!
- Tiger scrip Using a natural shell called crab shell
- massaging whole body energy line to help deliver electrolytes in the body
- Acupuncture stimulation is easy due to the use of solid natural shell
- Effective for muscle relaxation, energy flow and smooth blood circulation.

 Effect of germanium !!
- Semiconducting (controlling current flow in body cells / anion effect)
- Immune system enhancement by antibodies to help lymphocyte proliferation
- excellent oxygen supply, blood circulation and pain relief


Noni Essence Peeling + Collagen Mask + Cooling Eye Mask + Face Care with Placenta Cream

Base oil + placenta cream, massage with body and finish with hands paraffin !!

Base oil can be selected ~!

Peppermint - Headache and muscle pain relief, menthol ingredient peppermint stimulates digestive function during breathing

Rose - similar to female hormones, skin healing, anti-anxiety, strengthening female reproductive system

Jasmine – Don’t Use during pregnancy, menstrual irregularities, insensitivity, anti-stress, hormonal balance control

Sampagutta - Filipino chrysanthemum moisturizes dry skin and is effective for skin elasticity

Lavender - skin balance, sleeping stability, anti-inflammation, antibacterial activity, fatigue recovery


Place of departure

We do not offer a separate pickup.
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1 p.m  / 3 p.m / 5 p.m / 7 p.m / 9 p.m
Germanium Shell Massage 2 hours

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Manner Tips
 Pick up service - located on the main road

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