[Boracay Massage] Cha Spa - Herb Ball Massage - 120min
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Cha Spa

Herbal Ball Massage - 120 minutes

Cha Spa Herbal Ball Massage 120 min

What is the Herbal Ball Massage? 

Herbal ball prepares thirteen kinds of herbal medicine, and it is called herbal ball which we knock it down, and bundle herbal medicine wrapped with cotton cloth,

The herbal ball is steamed in a steamer, and it is strongly pressed on the applied part of the body to be massaged to promote blood circulation.

Thai (Thai) herbal massage actively promotes metabolism, and it has effect such as ordering skin texture.
And the unique herbal scent relieves stress and body tension.

In Thailand, these herbs were used to adjust the condition of postpartum women from ancient times.
Hub is different from medicine, so you do not worry about side effects, you can be relieved of herbal massage procedures.


Herb Ball Effect
Toxin emission
Change in the constitution without fat accumulation
Reduces body fat and is effective on diet.
Warm and clean skin moisturizing effect
Blood acceleration is active to improve cold and swelling.
We can expect the effect of restoring the function of weakened soy sauce based on herbs such as ugum.
Located on main load, station 2
Before the Massage A cool noni juice is served and Korean staff will guide you through the massage procedure.
After moving to the room, the massage will proceed.
It has a system that can shower, so you can use it after marine activities ^^
For 120 minutes, massage with herbal balls wrapped in a cotton cloth made of 13 different medicines.







We do not offer a separate pickup.








Herbal Massage 120 minutes





Manner Tips / No shower (shower for 250 pax per person)



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