From Calibo / Caticlan airport to Boracay resort, you can get safely and comfortably with one-way service.

Southwest Boracay Transportation - Bus - One way - Group tour
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To see Boracay's White Beach, one of the three largest beaches in the world, you need to move from Kalibo Airport to Boracay Island.
But the steps are so complicated that it is too uncomfortable to move individually and personally. 
Individual passengers must pay directly to the bus, boat or tricycle. The price is expensive, and it takes more time.

Boracay in Calibu
From Kalibo / Caticlan airport to Boracay hotel / resort
1.Kalibo / Caticlan Airport pick-up
  • Land transfer [Kalibo airport -> Caticlan Jetty Port]
    : Bus/Van Airport. 1 hour 40 minutes ~ 2 hours
  • Boat Transfers [Cagban Pier -> Boracay Jetty Port]
    : 15 to 20 minutes by speedboat / bamboo Boat
  • Land transportation [Boracay Pier -> Resort / Hotel lobby]
    : 15 minutes using multi-cab / tricycles (up to 30 minutes depending on location)
2. Hotel Meeting
  • Land transfer [Resort / Hotel lobby -> Boracay marina]
    : 15 minutes using multi-cab / tricycles (up to 30 minutes depending on location)
  • Boat Transfers [Boracay Dock -> Catch Choll Dock]
    : 15 to 20 minutes by speedboat / bamboo
  • Land transportation [Cattiglouan marina -> Kalibo airport]
    : Bus / Van Airport 1 hour 40 minutes ~ 2 hours
So, 90% of our guests in Boracay visit our Southwest Boracay 
You are using a pickup service.
If you submit your voucher at the Kalibo Airport at Tour Five, check-in at the Southwest booth, 
We can help you with ticketing and procedures.
Depending on the number of guests, we can take you to Boracay's accommodation safely with private bus, van, and private speed boat 
Conversely, we are taking you safely to the Kalibo airport from your Boracay hotel .
A local guide guides you safely from Kalibo Airport to Boracay accommodation
For those of you who have been struggling with the uncomfortable bongos and the traditional Philippine boats, our special service in South West Boracay 
We will make our journey more convenient.
24-hour pick-up service for flights departing from Kalibo / Caticlan airport.
How do you meet Southwest? / How to use the South West Boracay pickup sending

1. Pick-up from Kalibo / Caticlan Airport
  - After arriving at the airport, 
  - Find your luggage and go to the Southwest booth at the port of entry .
  - If you see an employee wearing an orange Polo T-shirt, you can present the voucher you received via email.
  - After you receive the sticker with the destination, the port tax, and the boat ticket, you can go to the car under the supervision of the staff of the Southwest.

2. For Sending Meetings in Boracay
   - You can wait in the hotel lobby for the time and date of sending listed on your voucher .
  - If you are in the lobby, please inform the front desk of the Southwest pickup service and the hotel staff will arrive with your vehicle.
  - It is a group pickup, depending on the traffic situation and the guests of the hotel in front, it may take 5 ~ 15 minutes delay. (Especially, Fairways Boracay)
  - In order to prepare for any traffic accidents (traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown, traffic accidents, festivals, weather, etc.), the pick up time is 6 hours before departure time.
  - To change the pickup time, you can go to the homepage and fill out the autograph form. 
  - Due to the nature of moving to a group, we will not wait for you. 
  - If you are late, you may not be able to use it because of no-show processing.
  • Door to Door Close Guide Service
  • Kalibo Airport -> Caticlagan first arrival window one way -  Private bus
  • Catcholan Pier -> Cockpit Pier - Private  Speed ​​Boat  or  Private Boat
  • Cocktail Dock -> Boracay Resort / Hotel Lobby -  Private Car (Multi-Cab, Tricycles)
  • Includes Caticlan marina, Cocktail marina  environmental fee, and terminal fee
Not included:
  • Manner Tip
  • Porter service costs ($ 1 or 50 peso for each piece, no extra charge if you carry your luggage directly)
  • Airport tax (domestic ticket - 200 pesos, international ticket: 700 pesos)
In Southwest Boracay Seoul Agency (Tour Five), you can make quick and easy reservations.
  If the hotel is different from the hotel on the first day, please write both places.   
In Southwest Boracay Seoul Agency (Tour Five), you can make quick and easy reservations. There is no need to wait for your reservation and card payment.  


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