One massage a day in Boracay too !! There is a typical honey scrub massage A honey massage is to relieve your weary mind and body!

[Boracay Massage] Bora Spa - Honey Massage (2 hours)
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[Bora Spa Honey Massage - Bora Spa - Honey Massage]

Honey-like massage to relieve tired mind and body by traveling!

It is a Bora spa located 5 to 10 miles from the tricycle. Located on station 3.

Before the massage, take a glass of noni juice and massage begins. A massage that lasts about two hours 

Starting with honey scrub (honey + brown sugar), aroma massages and stretching are performed in this order. 

It effectively relaxes the muscles of the whole body, so you can relax after a massage. 

(If you visit after marine activity, you can enjoy massage.)

Massage time 2 hours
Place of departure

You have to go directly using the tricycle. 

Reservation time 

12:40 pm / 3:00 am to 3:30 pm / 5:30 pm / 8 pm / 9 pm

Honey Massage - 2 hours
Not included


Manner Tips 
- 투어 참가시 귀중품 및 현금 등의 분실사고와 개인의 안전사고에 대해 각별히 유의해 주세요. (예약 전 안전수칙 동의서 필독 후 동의)
- 개인 부주의로 발생된 사고는 책임지지 않습니다.
- 여행자 보험은 개별적으로 가입하셔야 합니다. 투어파이브 역시 여행자보험 판매 대리점으로 저렴한 가격에 판매 중입니다.
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