Visit the world's smallest volcano, Taal Volcano, and enjoy some picnic on the lake shore before taking a quick boat ride to the volcano island. Ride on horseback along black lava flows and see the spectacular viewpoint overlooking the Crater Lake and the Vulcan Point.

Taal Volcano Trekking with Horseback Riding - Day Trip from Manila
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 – Enjoy Manila activities alone! / For only your team, We will leave at the time and place you want.
- Let's go to see the world's smallest volcano!
- It is a popular tourist destination that the locals of Philippines also found, with fantastic views and cool temperatures!

- Experiencing the land and sea to ride a boat and  climb a small volcanic island with hourse.

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- [08:00 am] Specified tour time - Pick up from the hotel

- [09:30 am] Go to Tagaytay City and go to Taal volcano resort
- [09:30 am] After hearing a brief explanation, board the boat to Taal Volcano Island
- [10:00 am] Arrive on the volcanic island of Ta'al and board the pony.
- [11:00 am] Climb to the top . Take a picture and feel the magnificent nature. 
- [12:00 pm] Resort lunch after tour

- [01:30 pm] Return to Manila after the tour
- [4:00 pm] Arrive at Manila Hotel

  • 08:30

    Pick-up from Select Hotels in Metro Manila

  • 09:30

    Tagaytay City

    Go on a 1.5-hour ride to Tagaytay City, one of the country's most popular tourist attractions, known for its arresting scenery and cool climate.

  • Taal Lake and Taal Volcano

    Head towards the rim of the 30-kilometer wide caldera, and let the view take your breath away.

  • Picnic Lunch

    Transfer to the lake shore and enjoy Filipino dishes for lunch.

  • Horse-ride to the Summit!

    Board a motorized outrigger boat and embark on a 20-minute cruise to Volcano Island. Ride a horse to the crater rim viewpoint. See several vents spewing steam on the way up.

  • Crater Lake and Vulcan Point

    Upon reaching the summit, catch a magnificent view of the 2-kilometer Crater Lake with its gleaming emerald waters. See the volcanic cinder cone known as Vulcan Point emerging from the lake, which makes it is an island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island!

  • 17:30

    Drop-off at Select Hotels in Metro Manila

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